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Joint University and Small and medium sized enterprises Training


The objectives of this module are to define smart working and differentiate it from other work types and to get acquainted with SW principles and good practices. The participant will be able to manage setting SW place and choose proper SW tools and technology. They will get familiar with the relevance and specifics of SW in relation to wellbeing and a well-balanced work.

The objectives of this module are to explain the importance of maintaining good cybersecurity practices, to highlight the importance of protecting personal information, and to provide a general idea of the handiest and effective cybersecurity tools.

The objectives of this module are to introduce the soft skills that are important for the 21st-century workplace, explain how to potentially improve them and transmit them into work and life.

The objectives of this module are to underline the importance of personal organization, to explain what urgent-important matrix is and how to use it, and to teach how to avoid procrastination.

The objectives of this module are to help learners better plan and strategise their workload by prioritising tasks and commitments, to teach them how to perform under pressure and how to remain productive at their best.

The objectives of this module are to explain to the learners how to build relationships with teammates, to teach them to create good communication dynamics with others, and to improve their ability to understand people and situations in the context of organisations.

The objective of this training module is to introduce the concept of business etiquette and its role in presenting a united company image, fostering mutual respect for team members, and improving communication in the workplace. The module will explain why it has to be is to be understood and appreciated by all so the organisation is able to do business in all circumstances.

The objectives of this module are to introduce the concept of organisational hierarchy and its most typical frameworks (including their pros & cons), to explain the Pyramidal Principle of communication that enables a more impactful and effective business communication, and to explain how to better structure the message content when sharing knowledge and information.